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The Crucial Trading Floorcovering & Rug Collection @ McDermotts House Furnishers Ireland

We deliver throughout Ireland, while offering FREE delivery to Co. Mayo, Co. Galway, Co. Sligo, Co. Roscommon & Co. Leitrim.

Crucial Trading are renowned for creating innovative and diverse Floorcoverings. Nobody knows natural Floorcoverings like them. For 27 years they have been working to create the most beautiful textures, weaves and designs using the finest natural materials

Please scroll down to view some of the Crucial Trading Collection. Just click on the image of any model to view the model in detail. Please click here for fitting instructions for the Natural carpet collection.


  Wool Carpets

From the deafeningly silent, vast expanses of the mountainous regions of New Zealand comes one of the oldest and yet still most luxurious materials known to man. The naturally wondrous material is entrusted to the imagination of naturally gifted designers – the end result being an enduring feast for the feet and eyes.

  Seagrass Carpets

There are 4 different types of Seagrass carpets offered by Crucial Trading - Basketweave, Herringbone, Fine Seagrass & Sabai. To view our full collection please visit our Carpet store at Spencer Street Castlebar.

  Coir Carpets

A carpet manufactured from Coir is literally bristling with character. Crucial Trading's Coir weaves are available in two earthly tones - Bleached and Unbleached

  Sisal Carpets

In their Sisal carpet range Crucial Trading offer a large range of weaves and colour options to suit any room. To view our full collection please visit our Carpet store at Spencer Street Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

  Jute Carpets

For their Jute carpets, Crucial Trading took advantage of the materials willingness to be woven tighter than many other natural fibresto create a range which offers a neat, formal regularity, bringing calm and order to any space.


Any of the carpet ranges can be made into a custom sized rug along with customer borders and piping. There is millions of patter and colour combinations to choose from!