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The Tempur Mattress & Pillow Collection@ McDermotts House Furnishers Ireland

At McDermotts House Furnishers Ltd, we are the only official stockists of the entire Tempur collection in Connacht. We deliver throughout Ireland, while offering FREE delivery to Co. Mayo, Co. Galway, Co. Sligo, Co. Roscommon & Co. Leitrim.

Please scroll down to view some of the Tempur Mattress & Pillow collection. Just click on the image of any model to view the model in detail.


Tempur Original


The Tempur Original mattress is available in 3 different depths - 20cm, 22cm & 27cm. The Original mattress offers the key benefits of Tempur - superior comfort and support. The Original Deluxe 22 & 27 has a quilted cover with a 2cm layer of Tempur soft-touch material for a luxurious look.

Tempur Cloud  

The Tempur Cloud mattress is available in 3 different depths - 19cm, 22cm & 25cm. The Tempur Cloud 19 mattress offers a supportive softer feel for those who find the Original range too firm. The Tempur extra-soft layer gives a feeling of immediate relaxation with the same support quality as other Tempur mattress. As the height of the Cloud mattress increases, so does its softness and support.

Tempur Sensation  

The Tempur Sensation mattress consists of 3 different ranges. The Sensation 19 mattress offers all the benefits and comfort of Tempur, with the traditional feel of a spring mattress with a specially designed durable base. The Sensation 25 feels closer again to a conventional spring mattress and offers great support thanks to its support layers. While the Sensation Deluxe 25 masttress combines a soft cover, greater support and a specially engineered base that has been designed to deliver more bounce than a typical Tempur mattress.

Pillow Collection  

Tempur offer 3 different pillows in their pillow collection. The traditional pillow provides Tempur comfort and support in a more traditional pillow design. The Cloud pillow is made with a specially developed Tempur Extra-Soft material to provide an innovative balance of softness and support. The Cloud pillow is ideal for those who want the support that Tempur can offer with a softer Pillow feel. Finally the Sensation pillow gives you the comfort and support of the Traditional Pillow but it has been designed to complement the look of the Sensation Mattress collection